Dress codes

Many travellers have exaggerated ideas about the dress code in Iran. It has been a hold back for Western tourists, especially women. However, the reality is different from the cliché. Although not all clothes are accepted, travellers can dress comfortably. Iranians have respect and understand that you are foreigners not acquainted with the details of the dress code.
Ladies have to wear scarves, covering the head while they are in public. This includes any public place: hotel lobbies, streets, restaurants, monuments, etc. It is necessary to avoid wearing tight or transparent clothes, and everything that highlights the curves of the body. Legs, the upper arm as well as the neckline should be covered. There is no objection to wear colourful clothes, sandals or ankle length skirts. You can also wear long wide shirt and pants.
Gentlemen always have to wear long pants, shirts or t-shirts. They cannot wear shorts or shirts without sleeves. If they have large tattoos on their arms, it is recommended to keep them covered, especially in villages and on religious sites. It is also recommended to avoid wearing clothes with female images or any types of drawing that can generate confusion, or has a sensual, erotic or sexual nature.