Local Guide

While we sometimes prefer our travellers to venture out on their own and explore the destination, there are times when we rely on the value of a more experienced, knowledgeable tour leader. Here are a few reasons why you may want to take advantage of having a professional guide:


  1. When you have very little time a knowledgeable guide can customize sightseeing according to your wishes in a timely manner, as he/she is aware of your limited time, and can plan your adventure
  2.  When visiting popular locations, a tour guide will know how to keep you away from the crowds and rush hours.
  1. Visiting historic destinations is best when an experienced/knowledgeable tour guide can offer in depth information by sharing stories that a tourist may never see in print
  1. Language barriers: A tour guide who speaks the local language is an invaluable source; both you and the natives will be at ease with communication.