Nomad Tour

The nomads of Iran are a fast disappearing group. Currently, there are 4 millions nomads left. They are scattered all around Iran. For instance, the Qashqai tribe lives in the southwest, the Bakhtiari in the central part and the Kurdish Zaferanlou in the northeast of Iran. They move according to the seasons, heading north in summer and south in winter. Their way of life is a very special one due to an intense and intricate relationship to nature. This is can best be seen in their colorful costumes, parades, and ceremonies.

We can either arrange a whole tour to different nomadic tribes or add 1 or 2 days nomadic tour to your chosen itinerary. As the nomads change their living places during the  seasons, it is very important for us to know your choice in advance.

Here is an example of a 2 days tour in addition to your chosen itinary:

chosen itinerary.

Day 1: Drive to Bavanat, visit the Nomadic tent, drink their special tea and enjoy watching their daily life. Rest in tents woven by nomadic women, sit on the colorful hand made traditional rugs and eat a fresh delicious herbal soup. Finally sleep in a traditional house.

Day 2: Get up with the sunshine and walk around the unique landscape, have fresh backed bread for breakfast. Then drive to Meymand and visit the stone village. Drive to Yazd or Kerman based on your chosen itinerary.

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