Silk Road: 10 Days

Silk Road Tour: 10 Days

Day 1: Flight to Tabriz ✈
Day 2: Tabriz-Zanjan
Day 3: Zanjan-Tehran
Day 4: Tehran
Day 5: Tehran-Kashan
Day 6: Kashan- Isfahan
Day 7: Isfahan
Day 8: Isfahan-Pasargada-Shiraz
Day 9: Shiraz-Persepolis- Shiraz
Day 10: Shiraz
Day 11: Departure.✈

Day 1: Flight to the city Tabriz. Overnight: Tabriz.

Day 2: Tabriz is one of the most controversial Iranian cities; it has been the capital of the country several times, invaded and burned, but soon was rebuilt by its hardworking and determined people. Tabriz has the only Bazaar of Iran declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO, after visiting Bazaar, Blue Mosque and Azarbayjan Museum we drive  to Zanjan. Overnight: Zanjan

Day 3: This city has always been an important point of the Silk Road; you can still see the track of caravanserais as we get close to Zanjan. In Zanjan we visit the Bazaar and Sultanie gigantic brick dome, built in the early fourteenth century by the Mongols (World Heritage site by UNESCOS). Continue to Tehran. Overnight: Tehran.

Day 4: Tehran is the most populated city in Iran and its political, economic and cultural capital. Today we will visit main museums and   attractions in Tehran: Archaeological Museum, Jeweler Museum, Carpet Museum, Azadi Tower, Bazaaar…  Overnight: Tehran.

Day 5:  In the morning we leave to Kashan, visiting en route religious city Qom, there we visit Fatima Masuma Shrine and then continue to the city of the magician kings: Kashan. Kashan is famous for many historicoal houses, some of them are real palaces. We’ll discover Historical Borujerdi House, Tabatabai House, Fin Garden, Bazaar… Overnight: Kashan

Day 6: Drive to Isfahan (220 Km). Today we can enjoy a pleasant walking on the river bank and also visit historical bridges Sio Se Pol, Khajoo, Shahrestan. After that we will see the stunning Friday Mosque (UNESCO world heritage).  Overnight: Isfahan

Day 7: Let’s just keep visiting this beautiful city; We discover Isfahan, the splendid city. The square of Naghsh-e Jahan square is the second largest square in the world; all caravans that arrived in Isfahan used to offer their products in the market and spend a few days in the middle of the square. We see: the square of Shah Abbas I the Magnificent (World Heritage site by UNESCO). In the square we visit the Mosque of Shah Abbas (Imam Mosque), Lotfolah mosque, the exclusive mosque for women in the Safavid era in the century XVII, and Ali Qapu Palace. Then we explore Chehel Sotun palace(World Heritage site by UNESCO). The end of the day is the time for the best shopping of Isfahan. Overnight: Isfahan

Day 8: Morning drive to Shiraz (450 Km). On the way we stop to see Pasargadae, the city of Cyrus the Great, (World Heritage site by UNESCO). Arriving to Shiraz in the afternoon and visiting the sanctuary of Ali Ibne Hamzeh, the martyr without the head. Overnight: Shiraz.

Day 9: Excursion to Persepolis, the city of Persians (World Heritage site by UNESCO), and Naghshe Rostam; Persian necropolis. Getting back to Shiraz and staying night there.Overnight: Shiraz

Day 10: In the morning we start the tour of Shiraz: Khan Koranic school of the seventeenth century, Nasir al Molk Mosque, known as the pink Mosque for the tonality of its mosaics, Narenjestan Palace, tomb of the Poet Hafez, the gateway of Koran, Eram Garden (World Heritage site by UNESCO), the Mosque of Vakil and bazaar of Shiraz. By night transfer to the airport for departure.