Zeynuddin Caravanserai

About 60 km from the city of Yazd, in the middle of nowhere and in the heart of the lonely desert Mehriz, is one of the world’s best preserved caravanserais: Zeynuddin (or Zainudin). A Caravansarai is a construction intended at the time the accommodation of caravans, most belonging to the Silk Road. These constructions were essential for the survival of the trade routes, because without them could not move a caravan across the desert, needing refuge places overnight and night attack by bandits and the rigor of the desert and plateau. A trade route was not considered safe if, out of a caravansarai morning, did not come to the next before nightfall. Zeynuddin is one of the 999 caravanserais who built the Emperor Abbas I the Great. Today, to meet that same lifestyle, the caravansarai remains exactly as it was built at the time: the rooms are simple concave arches embedded in the walls and separated from the hallway by a mere curtain, and services are outside room in separate rooms for men and women. You’ll sleep on the floor on thick mattresses instead of beds as they slept travelers the Silk Road in the seventeenth century, and at night, with a little luck, if there are no clouds, you can climb to the roof to watch the Milky Way; the desert sky is divine. It’s the best place to relax and enjoy the silence of the desert. Dinner and breakfast are buffet style and served in the dining room.